Fun We Had

Touring Memories 

The T-Totalers tour pulled over to regroup somewhere north of Brainerd. The area can claim ownership to a large percentage of red pine and aspen trees (a.k.a. jack pine and popular) in the country. One tourer claimed it is easier to count the trees at Model T Ford speeds, as he counted 34,567,890 trees after lunch. 

A nice group of T Totalers showed up for the first tour of the 2012 season at Norm Aune’s place. Coffee and donuts got the tour off to a good start, on a day with great weather. More cars and drivers joined the tour up the road a bit. 

The T-Totalers rolled into Ideal Corners, MN for lunch, doubling the town’s population of both folks and vehicles. 

Food was good and service surprisingly quick, although the only two waitresses had to run like crazy to handle the lunch rush. I was a little bit fuzzy on the exact size of the town of Ideal Corners until Norm Aune explained: “You are looking at it.”